Clear Aligners Vs Tradition Braces

Clear Aligners Vs Tradition Braces

There are several orthodontic treatments available to help you improve and straighten your smile. The MLK Dental Center offers clear aligners for those in Atlanta, GA, and Washington Park, GA, wanting to straighten their teeth. However, it is crucial to know the difference between clear aligners and traditional braces to select the best orthodontic treatment for your teeth confidently. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mordena Sullen to discuss the options available and how clear aligners can help your teeth. 

Clear Aligners

There are many benefits to getting clear aligners when seeking orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are becoming more popular, and your Atlanta, GA Washington Park area dentist can help you learn more about this treatment. The appearance, convenience, and comfort of clear aligners make them a popular choice among those wanting a straighter smile. During treatment, the plastic aligners slowly move your teeth into alignment. Additionally, the aligners are clear and nearly invisible, which means you don’t have to worry about being self-conscious about your smile during treatment. 

It is recommended to wear aligners most of the day (20-22 hours), but you can remove them for eating and brushing your teeth. 

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have been treating orthodontic patients for years and are the first thing much think of when considering orthodontic treatment for their teeth. Traditional braces are best for patients with multiple and complicated alignment issues. Braces work faster than aligners; however, several visits to the dentist for alignments and adjustments to the wires and brackets are needed. In addition, unlike aligners, braces cannot be removed, which makes cleaning your teeth difficult, and you have to watch what you eat.

With the different orthodontic treatments available, it is essential to understand the benefits of each one and determine the best one for your teeth alignment needs. MLK Dental Center offers clean aligners for patients in Atlanta, GA, and Washington Park, GA, to help straighten and restore their smiles. Call (404) 752-7777 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mordena Sullen to discuss the different orthodontic options available.